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EHS Management System

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction believes that employee safety is its fundamental social responsibility and also an essential requirement for corporate competitiveness. As such, we makes it a core principle to ensure the safety of all its employees and employees of partner companies against accidents. For more advanced and scientific EHS management, we obtained ISO14001 in 1998 and OHSAS 18001 in 2004 and apply the EHS management system to all operations including overseas subsidiaries in order to create safe and clean working environments.

EHS Management Scheme

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction assesses all dangerous factors that may occur on production sites and develops countermeasures while providing comprehensive training to all workers and conducting continuous monitoring. In addition, we identify EHS issues and make improvements in an effort to proactively respond to changes surrounding us.

EHS Management Scheme
EHS Management Scheme
  1. 1.Develop a goal/plan

    • Perform people-focused
      EHS actions
    • Operate advanced/scientific
      EHS management system
  2. 2. Risk Evaluation

    • Assess all harmful risk factors
      via the 4M method
    • Assess risk factors relating to
      PSM facilities which are prone
      to explosions/fires
    • Comprehending all environmental effects and evaluating such effects
  3. 3. Develop

    • Develop countermeasures
      against all risk factors
    • Develop detailed safety
      measures based on the 4M
    • Set up standard safety work
  4. 4. Conduct training

    • Conduct EHS leadership and
      mindset improvement
      programs for executives and
      plant managers
    • Conduct worker TBM
    • Provide EHS training to
      newly employed process
    • Observe EHS Golden Safety
  5. 5. Monitor EHS hazards

    • Perform high-risk processes in
      the presence of supervisors
    • Conduct employee MSLT
    • Perform Job Safety Analysis
    • Test high-risk devices before
      use at workplaces
    • Early safety review in the
      event of EHS investment
    • Patrol during accident-prone
    • Measuring environment pollution level
  6. 6. EHS session (on-
    site EHS issues)

    • EHS session (on-site EHS
    • Business Performance Review
      Meeting (Discuss EHS Agenda)
    • Convene EHS Committee of
      each BU


  • Certifications1 DNV Business Assurance Management System Certificate
  • Certifications2 DET Norske Veritas Management System Certificate
  • Certifications3 Certificate for KOSHA 1800

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