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Key Highlights

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is on a fast track to global leadership in power and water sectors.

(Unit : KRW 100million)
※ The financial data of 2019 have been created by using
the K-IFRS of Doosan Heavy Industries &

59 Years of History

  • 1962~1980 Business Establishment
  • 1981~2000 Growth and Development
  • 2001~2007 Successful Privatization
    and Leap
  • 2008~2019 The Path to Global Leadership
  • 2020~Present Transition to Eco-friendly Energy Company

World-Class Products

13world-class products owned

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction possesses a total of 13 world-class products, including desalination plants and nuclear excitation systems. These products are a fruit of our efforts to gain the world-class quality and technical competitiveness.

· Desalination plant (2001) · crankshafts for large ships (2003) · mold and tool steel · cold mill work rolls (2004) · hydro turbine castings for hydro power plants · stern frame castings for large ships (2007) · rotor shafts for thermal low-pressure turbines (2010) · turbine-generator rotor shafts · commercial nuclear reactors (2011) · commercial steam generators (2012) · integral heads for major nuclear equipment · excitation systems for nuclear equipment (2013) · Wind Turbine Generators (2014)

World-Class Quality and Technology


Having the 16 masters in the heavy industry, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction delivers the world’s top quality products and services to its customers produced in its robust production facilities.


Global Network

Some 13,000 talented employees of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction are actively engaged in production, sales and R&D activities worldwide. Our global network encompassing 14 overseas subsidiaries and 22 branches and offices is in operation 24 hours a day to provide the best possible services to customers around the world.

No. of Branches and Offices
No. of Subsidiaries

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Brand Cues

Brand Cues

Brand cues stand for all the methods of expression that Doosan employs to deliver its brand, including its logo, corporate identity, slogans, and communication activities.



Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction ‘s CSR is centered around three axes; “People Oriented,” “Trusted Operation” and “Responsible Engagement” for sustainable growth.

Products & Services

Products & Services

We fabricate cast and forged materials, and supply power generation facilities, desalination plants, environmental plants and material handling systems.

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