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Operation Excellence

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is strengthening its fundamental competitiveness by applying data analysis and ICT technology to its business operations.

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

    Work efficiency is improved by having software robots handle simple and repetitive tasks, thus enabling employees to strike a better work-life balance by concentrating on high value-added tasks. The scope of employee and robot collaboration will be expanded by linking RPA and AI in the future. So far, RPA has been applied to the following areas in order to eliminate inefficiency and concentrate on core tasks.

    RPA is currently being applied to 13 tasks such as processing domestic business trip slips, collecting exchange rate information, changing PO delivery dates, issuing POs for unit price contracts, notification of employees when they are due for a medical examination, and sending employee stockholder subscription e-mails.

  • Market Intelligence Navigator

    Market Intelligence Navigator

    The Market Intelligence Navigator has been developed to analyze the market based on data and establish an appropriate strategy. The internal and external market data held by Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction are digitalized to understand the trends of areas, competitors, and projects more easily. In addition, order-receiving performance and market share can be analyzed easily by area and competitor. Furthermore, the energy outlook can be checked conveniently by analyzing the fuel mix by area and fuel type.

  • Bidding document (ITB)/Contract review system

    Bidding document (ITB)/Contract review system

    It is very difficult to review an ITB and contract provided in three or more books without omission. Electronic documents provided as PDF files are also difficult to read in detail, and reflect poisonous clauses, which is an asset obtained from project failure experience, due to a short estimate schedule.
    The system extracts PDF file sentence by sentence, and provides the user with the results of matching with poisonous clauses before distribution. In addition, the system provides phrases with similar meanings using AI technology.
    As a result, designers can review ITBs without omissions and review them efficiently in a short time.

  • E-Logistics System

    E-Logistics System

    Transportation/ship allocation requests can be made without omission, because all processes ranging from the export transport request to the contracting, execution and schedule management of an EPC Project, which used to be processed offline, are now processed by the e-logistics system. Shipping cost forecast and performance management are also made easy, and work efficiency and competitiveness in transportation costs are secured, because transportation schedules are shared in real time while transportation cost settlement work is reduced.


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Our Aspiration & Core Values

Our Aspiration & Core Values

The Doosan Credo is a set of principles that represent our philosophies and unique way of doing business. These principles have been the foundation of Doosan’s success for the past century. The Credo consists of Doosan’s “Aspiration” and “Core Values”.



At Doosan, people are the most important asset. When our people grow, Doosan will grow. Join the Doosan team and get ready to achieve.

Brand Cues

Brand Cues

Brand cues stand for all the methods of expression that Doosan employs to deliver its brand, including its logo, corporate identity, slogans, and communication activities.

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